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“I’ve always had a passion for re purposing, and in 2008, after 25 years as a building contractor, I followed that passion into a new business venture:  I began designing and fabricating lighting from salvaged materials,” says Kevin Randolph of Reuse Lighting.   

The unique fixtures I created seemed to resonate with contemporary tastes, and proved compatible with a number of design styles - industrial, Mid-Century, and primitive/folk art.  The lamps also appealed to those with an interest in creative reuse of cast-off materials.  Realizing that my lamps had an audience beyond my friends and associates, I began looking for a retail partner and serendipitously stumbled upon Paxton Gate.  In addition to Paxton Gate my lamps have been shown at The Parish Trust, Past Perfect, The Tradesman, and Turn Me On/Light Me Up.  You can also see my work at Bar Crudo and 15 Romolo.” 


Reuse Lighting is owned and operated by Kevin Randolph, who creates all his lamps by hand in his San Francisco studio. 

Above Left: Wheeler Lamp                      Top Right: Globe Lamp

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